Oral Health Exams

Kenosha and Paddock Lake trust Fulmer Dentistry for their oral health exams.

Oral Health Exams

Regular dental exams are an essential part of maintaining strong oral health. They not only provide a snapshot of your oral health, they also allow your dentist to get in front of any issues.




An oral health exam typically consists of:

  • Visit with Dentist
  • Cleaning
  • Identification of possible gum inflammation or bone loss
  • Beginning of/Risk of decay
  • Check area around mouth for problems/abnormalities
  • X-Rays to identify hidden issues

Also, your dentist may discuss issues and habits about what medications you might be on as well as habits, such as smoking.

Mouth Healthy, from the ADA, covers an important list of reasons you will want to have regular oral health exams.